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John Richmond Photography

Full-time photographer from Rochester Hills, Michigan. I am one of the lucky ones that is able to get paid for doing something that I love!


John uses his camera as a tool to communicate with you and your guests. His philosophy is simple: every great photo starts with a connection - a connection with the couple, with their loved ones, and with the beauty of their location. His outgoing nature, relaxed style and knack for capturing candid moments has allowed him to be a fill time photographer for the last 17 years and photographed over 800 weddings.

For John, photography is more that just the end result; it's about the experience, too. His background in wedding photography informs his style and technique, but his personality leads the rest. The best images come with trust and rapport, so John becomes part of your group, blending in to find those special, candid moments - and it shows in the results.

John is humbled and blessed to be able to do something that he loves on a daily basis. John graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Photography. He has been married to his best friend for 17 years and has two amazing boys, Clayton and Joel. He has lived in Rochester Hills, Michigan for the last 12 years.


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